Thursday, November 22, 2012

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Motorola GP68 Operation Manual

All programming is performed while the GP-68 is in Frequency Display Mode. When
you first turn the radio on, the display will show a Channel Number (e.g., "Ch.01").
To enter Frequency Display Mode, press the X key.

The GP68 contains 20 memory channels and each channel can store a receive
(RX)/Transmit (TX) frequency, the type of offset (plus/minus), offset frequency,
RX/TX PL/DPL tone codes, and the default squelch mode. Choose the channel to
program with the Channel Selector BEFORE starting to program. This way, there is
less chance of accidentally erasing the information in a memory location you do not
wish to reprogram. Select the channel you want to program, THEN press the X key
and program.

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