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Ford E450 owner manual

Ford E450 owner manual
PRE-INSTALLATION CHECKLIST Check the vehicle wheel alignment prior to installation to insure no precondition already exists; record the information for verification. Remove the attached body, if applicable. Remember to disconnect all electrical connections to the body, and fuel filler tube, before removing the body. The installation can also be completed using a lift to raise the vehicle. If using a lift, chassis body removal may not be necessary but removal of rear wheels will aid in installation.

 If not using a lift, block the front wheels and apply the emergency brake so the vehicle cannot roll. Jack up the rear frame of the truck in order to unload the rear leaf springs (or use an overhead hoist). Do not lift the wheels off the ground (if not using a lift to install the suspension). Do not jack on the axle itself. Install the suspension in the listed sequence. Install one side of the suspension at a time. First, install the driver side completely, then install the passenger side. Removal of the rear wheels may aid in installation, but it is not necessary. Measure & record the wheelbase and centering dims before beginning installation.
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