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Daewoo Washing Machine Instruction Manual and Parts

Washing Machine Instruction Manual
in this section we will share still about Washing Machine, the brand is daewoo DWD-F1221 if now you need Instruction Manual for this machine the you have into right place. this post will show you where to download the guide. a little simple content inside manual:
Economical washing system
This daewoo washing machine is Using artificial intelligence, the washing machine uses minimal energy and water selecting the ideal water lever and washing time

Low system noise
The washing machine minimises washing and spinning noises by sensing the amount

Child lock
The child lock system has been used to prevent children pressing any
button to change the program during operation.

Washing (Option) sterilization nano-silver
Applying very fine particles of silver in essential parts inside the washing machine
Sterilises up to 99.9%, as it is made by boiling the washing.

Washing (Option) air bubble
This is an advanced technology that generates millions of bubbles of air inside the cylinder in sequence, washing and the bubbles of detergent particles dissolve completely and clean any soil in gently and clothes neatly.
you can download the manual from here 
guide for daewoo washing machine parts can found at local shop in your city 
will discuss for Daewoo Washer and Dryer in next section
Washing Machine Instruction Manual and Parts