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2012 HONDA CIVIC EX Guide Manual

coupe body styles. At the outset it was supposed to be larger but Honda had a change of heart, which delayed its arrival. All dimensions are practically the same as before except wheelbase, which shrinks 3 cm in the sedan and 2.8 cm in the coupe. Despite the shorter wheelbase, the sedan’s interior volume increases by about 4%.

The sedan is offered in six versions: DX, LX, EX, EX-L, Si and Hybrid. Interior and trunk The Civic is relatively low, which complicates entry and exit. The new, lighter seats are comfortable but they would be so if the cushion angle could be adjusted and if the angle of the backrest adjusted more precisely. The driving position is good but again, more adjustability would make it better.

The seats do not have lumbar adjustment. Leg room is good, but with the sunroof, head room is rather tight for tall people. Rear access is more difficult because the roof is lower at the back and the doors are narrow. Exit is further complicated by the lack of space between the B-pillars and the seat cushion. The bench seat is comfortable for two, but head room is very limited for people of above-average height. The 60/40-split seatback (one-piece in the DX) folds nearly flat, but about 8 cm higher than the floor of the trunk. The trunk opening behind the seat is narrow and low. get pdf here