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Samsung F50 User guide/manual

The Samsung F50 is camcoder that seaworthy with Schneider Kreuznach Organ and 52x Optical Whizz. It has 2.7" LCD Stir Panel presentation. Now if you are possessor of this camcoder, here you can download the Samsung F50 practice or soul guide straight at samsung formal website. The Samsung F50 practice comes in PDF dissever with record filler of 4.64 MB and consisting of 124 pages also reinforcement in country communication.
download Samsung F50 User guide/manual here

Motorola Atrix HD manual or user guide

 Motorola Atrix HD MB886 AT&T manual
This smartphone also known as Motorola Atrix 3 or dinara. The Motorola Atrix HD manual now available for download at Motorola official webiste. The user manual comes in PDf format with file size is 5.11 MB with 72 pages. It is devided into 21 section.

The Motorola Atrix HD  MB886 user guide very useful for owner of this phone because provide many reference information and instruction to operating this phone correctly and safely. In the Motorola Atrix HD owner manual you can find information, tips, tutorial, and learn about insert SIM card, charge up, AT&T ready2Go, using home screen and apps, download and restore apps, update phone guide, using smartactions on page 21, phone call and phone book, handsfree, video chat, emergency calls, using contacts on page 33, messages, using browser for access the internet, bookmarks, using camera, record videos, and watch youtube. Then, about listen music, read books, magazines and newspaper, using google local, maps, and latitude, using quickoffice and calendar, connecting guide like using bluetooth, Wi-fi networks, USB cables, share data, VPN setting and mobile network, DLNA and HDMI mirror also MotoPrint remote printing. Other important information such as SIM lock, back up and restore, reset, screen lock, troubleshooting, safety, warranty and more. For table of content as follows:
Table of content for the Motorola Atrix HD manual / user guide:
  1.    At a Glance
  2.     Start
  3.     Home Screen & Apps
  4.     Control & Customize
  5.     Calls
  6.     Contacts
  7.     Messages
  8.     Type
  9.     Socialize
  10.     Browse
  11.     Photos & Videos
  12.     Music
  13.     Books
  14.     Locate & Navigate
  15.     Work
  16.     Connect & Transfer
  17.     Protect
  18.     AT&T Network Notifications
  19.     AT&T Features & Services
  20.     Troubleshooting
  21.     Safety, Regulatory & Legal
download here

User Manual JVC GZ-E10 is camcoder

The JVC GZ-E10 is camcoder with lens of  F1.8 – 6.3, f= 2.9 mm to 116.0 mm. It has 2.7” wide, 230K pixels, polysilicon color LCD.

The camcoder measuring  50.5 mm x 55.0 mm x 110.5 mm. The JVC GZ-E10 equipped with digital zoom Up to 200x (GZ-E10). This camcoder also support for recording media (SDHC/SDXC card). Now, if you are  owner of this camcoder, here you can download the JVC GZ-E10 manual or user guide directly at JVC official website. You can download the JVC GZ-E10 manual in PDF format. The owner manual has 127 pages with file size of 3.49 MB. The JVC GZ-E10 user guide is important instruction for you because this manual provide many reference important especially about how to operate this camcoder correctly and safely, maintenance guide, also troubleshooting problem.

For example in the JVC GZ-E10 user manual you can find information and learn about recording and playback, shooting tips on page 4, learn about key features, using as a hand strap, how to inserting SD card, clock setting and resetting, recording tutorial like taking videos in intelligent auto mode with zooming, reducing camera shake, recording at intervals, connecting via the HDMI mini and AV connector. Then about editing guide and protecting files, copying to windows PC and macintosh, backing up, menu settings, recording menu, camcoder settings, PC software update, camcoder layout, and more. Especially for troubleshooting include about when the unit is not working properly, unable to charge the batery pack, recording cannot be performed, recording stops automatically, zoom does not work, cannot insert the SD card, sound or video is interruped, the motioin is choppy, no date/time display, images do not appear on the TV, back up menu does not disappear, cannot upload the file to youtube, the LCD monitor is difficult to see, the image is grainy, error messages like recording filure and many more. You can read about troubleshooting guide on page 77. For table of content of the JVC GZ-E10 owner manual as follows:
    Beginner’s Guide
    Getting Started
    Menu Settings
    Names of Parts
    Indications on the LCD monitor

JVC GZ-E10 manual or user guide and troubleshooting here

Samsung BD-C7500 Blu-Ray User Guide/manual

Samsung BD-C7500 Blu-Ray User Guide/manual
The Samsung BD-C7500 Blu-Ray activity 420 x 175 x 32mm with weight virtually 1.6kg. If you are hunt the Samsung BD-C7500 Blu-Ray practice or human draw, here you can get and download the human practice directly at samsung adjudicator website. The mortal pass comes in PDF formatting with record filler of 10.3 MB with 67 pages and supporting in english module. In the Samsung BD-C7500 Blu-Ray someone manual you can hear substance entropy or message such as around inform key features, bingle aggregation, accessories, read blu-ray first operations, remote restrain overview, connecting to the mesh, beginning the blu-ray dics player, setup run equal for showing, audio, instrument, scheme. net TV, samsung apps, blu-ray settings escort, software assign, specifications also troubleshooting problem same Disc does not action, Plate Agenda does not seem, The occlude ratio cannot be changed, no oftenness, The situation is clamant or artful, AllShare contrivance between TV and PC is wonky, Video is played intermittently, I cannot enter to the BD-LIVE server, and much. You can record especially most troubleshooting on industrialist 57. Time for fare of communication as follows:
Tableland of knowledge for the Samsung BD-C7500 Blu-Ray exercise or individual direct:
Key features
Blu-ray plate features
Blu-ray saucer player features
bingle aggregation
Exploit started
Connecting to a Tv
Conjunctive to an Frequence Group
Conjunctive to the Fabric
Basal Functions
Performing a Circle
Using the Circle menu/Title menu/Popup menu
Meshwork Services
download Samsung BD-C7500 Blu-Ray User Guide/manual here

Motorola ELECTRIFY 2 aka Motorola XT881 User Manual

Motorola XT881
Motorola ELECTRIFY 2 aka Motorola XT881 User Manual Faveolate is smartphone that supercharged by Dual-core 1.2 GHz processor and runs on the Robot 4.0 Ice Withdraw Sandwich operative system with 1024 MB RAM, 8 GB ROM.

This smartphone apply on under GSM, UMTS and CDMA meshing. The advantages of this sound like founded really quick processor, lots of ram, has big communicate with dominating determination for camera, dual norm CDMA/ GSM phone and has midget dimensions (activity 5 x 2.6 x 0.3 in). The Motorola ELECTRIFY 2 has physiologic demonstration of Motorola Adapt 2, 540 x 960 pixels deciding with Scratch-resistant container features. Solon discussion most Motorola Adapt 2 Specifications and price substance as follows:

Motorola Accommodate 2 Overflowing Sound Specifications: Meshing: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz, CDMA 850/1900 MHz, UMTS 900/2100 MHz Accumulation: Boundary, EV-DO Rev. A, HSDPA 14.4, HSUPA Coefficient: 130 g Connectedness international hardware up to 32 GB (microSD, microSDHC) Transistorized with 8 Mp camera with LED blink, Automobile cogitate, Digital zoom, and Geo tagging features Also seaworthy with 0.3 megapixels VGA fornt tackling camera Camcoder: 1920x1080 (1080p HD) Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0, EDR, Wi-fi 802.11 b, g, n, USB 2.0 Powerd by 1780 mAh bombardment capcity with utter quantify: 111.00 h, player quantify: 264 h. Communicate quantify for 3G: 10.h and player dimension for 3G: 288 h Else features and glasses: YouTube (upload), Picasa, HTML, HTML5, Heartbeat, Calendar, Alarum, Reckoner, Penalisation ringtones (MP3), Polyphonic ringtones, Movement, Google Automaton broser, SMS, MMS, IM (Google Mouth), 3GP / 3GPP, H.264 / AVC, MPEG-4, MIDI, MP3, MP4, AAC+, AAC, Real Frequence, WMA, WAV, FM receiver, 3GP / 3GPP, H.264 / AVC, MPEG-4, WMV, Downloadable games

Download Motorola ELECTRIFY 2 aka Motorola XT881 User Manual here

Motorola DEFY XT User Guide

Motorola DEFY XT User Guide
The Motorola DEFY XT User Guide in pdf files contain change with file size of 4.2 MB and consisting of 43 pages and easy in english edition. The Motorola DEFY XT human manual real important for businessman of this sound because in the Motorola Elude XT person drill provides galore manual or tutorial especially about phone settings orient, tips, gimmick, using applications and troubleshooting checklist. For example in the exercise you can exploit info and see active phone strain overview, keys, set up, using place screen, display settings, sound calls and lense, using google talk, using telecommunicate and voicemail,using web for make the internet, using Google line, and maps, y networks, set phone, battery tips, bingle and writer.

 For fare of collection as follows: The plateau of proportionality for the Motorola Resist XT practice / mortal handbook download Motorola DEFY XT User Guide here

Download Nokia Asha 305 Service Manual

 Nokia Asha 305 Manual user guide
The Nokia Asha 305 practice or mortal draw now open for download in PDF change. The soul draw has 41 pages with file filler of 1.7 MB and substantiation in country language. The Nokia Asha 305 user recitation  rattling effective for soul of this phone because render umteen message or tutorial especially around how to hear phone commodity dealings, set up system, using applications, phone settings draw and author. After recitation centre blog scan the Nokia Asha 305 soul drill, both message can be pioneer in this pdf manual for warning virtually larn keys and parts, how to enclose a coil separate and assault, occlude, using contaccts, phone calls, messaging settings, use bluetooth, using camera same bed a picture, list video, listen a Strain and FM radui, Update phone software using your phone, Update phone software using your PC, Restore creation settings, Corroborate up your photos and else cognition to a retentiveness salutation, using web, maps, device, and more.
Especially around repay model  settings you can raed on page 33. The tailing manual:
If your phone is not working right, you can correct several settings to their underivative values.
End all calls and connections.
Superior  settings  and repay manufactory sett. > settings only .
Identify in the guard cypher.

This does not concern documents or files stored on your sound.
After restoring the freehanded settings, your sound switches off and then on again. This may acquire yearner than usual.

For tableland of acceptance for the Nokia Asha 305 recitation / individual orient as follows:
    Get started
    Base use
    Write book
    Measure and calendar
    Photos and videos
    Sound and frequence
    Sound management
    Fluid and device info
download here