Friday, July 6, 2012

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Fiat 500 C Training Manual

Created by Fiat Centro Stile and produced in the factory of Tichy (Poland), the vehicle was designed with an “open source” approach (that is the addition of new functions on a successful, already marketed product). Fiat 500 C indeed inherits all the winning features of the basic vehicle, such as the top safety, comfort in the compartment with 4 seats for adults and a luggage compartment that does not give up to precious cm of capacity. Among others, the luggage compartment – thanks to clever system of parallelogram hinges – gives an easier access even when the soft top is fully open. Expressing a “free and emotional” vehicle, the original

convertible version pays tribute to the “open- top discovery” vehicle of 1957 while at the same time it offers vanguard solutions as for mechanics, engines and comfort on board. All this is aligned with the most authentic Fiat tradition that “democratizes” the access to contents and technologies never offered before in this vehicle segment. Thanks to its innovating soft top, a true “window to the sky”, the new 500 C has the same dimensions of the basic model (it is 3.55 m long, 1.65 m wide and 1.49 m high) and shares all the three engine types: turbodiesel 1.3 Multijet, 75 HP engine, with 5-gear gearbox and two petrol 1.2, 69 HP and 1.4, 100 HP engines, both with gearbox or Dualogic robotized transmission.
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