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Wiring diagram Alfa Romeo Montreal electronic ignition control

Fitting instructions N. B. : Failure to follow the fitting instructions voids all warranty rights Before starting any operation disconnect the negative battery connection and reconnect it only once the installation has been completed. During installation avoid touching the connection terminals of the TS control unit socket with your fingers. Once the old control units have been removed, secure the new TS control units to the vehicle bodywork in the same position. On each unit connect the female connector of the black wire (earth wire from the car wiring loom) to the male connector (1) on the metal shell of the control unit, above the black socket (2) . Insert firmly the three-wire main connector into the black socket (2) of each control unit. Cover the connector/socket assembly with the protective rubber boot of the car wiring loom, blocking it on the ribbing (3) of the connector. Now the installation is completed and the negative battery connection may be reconnected.Details wiring diagram HT coil (bobina) Distribiutor (spinterogeno) Car wiring loom connector (connettore cab) Safety earth (massa) (black wire) Contact breaker point (puntina).