Thursday, February 2, 2012

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Acura Integra GSR VTEC Throttle Body guide

Be certain the gasket-mating surface on the intake manifold is clean and free of debris. Using the factory nuts and bolts and the new gasket supplied in the kit, attach the throttle body to the intake manifold. Torque nuts and bolts down to 20 N·m or 14 lbf·/ft. 10. Slip the throttle cable on the linkage arm. 11. Observe the throttle body while an assistant presses and releases the gas pedal to ensure that the throttle blade opens and closes completely as well as smoothly. 12. Re-attach the air filter duct, all vacuum hoses, coolant hoses and electrical connectors on the new throttle body. 13. Re-connect the negative battery terminal. 14. Start the engine and check for loose connections or coolant/vacuum leaks, etc. 15. After the engine is warmed up, check the idle speed (refer to owners manual). 16. Double-check all fasteners, clamps, and electrical connections to ensure they are all secure.This Edelbrock part has received and Executive Order number (E.O. #) from the California Air Resource Board (C.A.R.B.) making it legal for street use on pollution-controlled motor vehicles in all 50 states. To assist you with emissions equipment certification, we have included a silver E.O. Number decal to help testing personnel verify that this part is a legal replacement part on the vehicle for which it is cataloged. The adhesive-backed decal should be affixed to your hood underside next to the existing emission and engine specification decal. Do not cover your original equipment specification decal with the Edelbrock E.O. Number decal.

Download: Acura Integra GSR VTEC Throttle Body INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS