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2008 Alfa Romeo Brera Brochure

2008 Alfa Romeo Brera Brochure. The Alfa Brera is quintessentially Italian sports coupé which has won plaudits from press and public alike. This is a car for the connoisseur, combining excitement with maximum driving pleasure, style with sophisticated technology, and uncompromising performance with the comfort of a luxury saloon. The Brera’s unique styling combines Giorgio Giugiaro’s creativity with the unmistakable tradition of Alfa Romeo. The front is tapered, with the long bonnet sweeping back from the famous Alfa Romeo badge to the windscreen as if to emphasise the power of the engine. The body’s slim, aerodynamic styling and harmonious proportions create an impression of compactness that belies the car’s generous dimensions: 441 centimetres long, 183 centimetres wide, with a 252-centimetre wheelbase. The interior is spacious and comfortable, a feeling enhanced by the unusual fixed glass roof (optional), which adds to the drama of the car’s lines. The luggage compartment is equally roomy at 300 litres, and can be expanded to 610 litres by folding down the rear seatbacks. The Alfa Brera embodies the values of sporting performance – but not at the expense of passenger comfort. High quadrilateral and rear multi-link suspension provide extremely dynamic handling, while making no compromises on safety or stability. Road holding is optimised by the Electronic Q2 system on all models, which
combines the best of front and four-wheel drive layouts for maximum driving pleasure and control. The result is precise sports-style handling, and a feeling of total mastery – of car and road alike.  here to get 2008 Alfa Romeo Brera Brochure.