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2008-2009 Chrysler Companionvan RE installation service manual

2008-2009 Chrysler Companionvan RE2008-2009 Chrysler Companionvan RE gas Spring Assist redesign installation and service manual. This modernization is at the beginning of the production of Braun Companionvan RE conversion application, which are not originally equipped with ground spring gas lifting aid. This wizard will lift the Earth by approximately 11.5 lbs installed correctly. Make sure that the upgrade is performed by a qualified specialist with proper tools and safety equipment. The first step in the Modernisation is to open the rear spoiler of the vehicle in the case of inspection. Without deploying the ramp, Look down between the rear door weather seal and hold ground, to see if the vehicle has holes for the mounting bolts to lower the gas spring. On the inner flange rear door weather seal will have six holes, . Light of inspections may be needed to see these holes (show below). If the holes are present, you can skip step 4. Implementation of ramp and locate the four screw conical, which fasten the plates Follow the camera to the lower part of the foundations of the Earth. In support of the rear door, remove the weather seal, which the four fasteners using a 3/16 inch Allen key or socket. When the fasteners completely are removed and the ramp is disconnected from the weather sealing of the door gently let the door seal weather, Rotate down until is based on Earth.Hold the rod length needs or broom handle into the edge of the Gaza Strip weather, as shown, and rotate the Earth up until the ramp rests on the rod. Failure to maintain the core of the Earth after rotating the up will result in travel over the Earth and damage to parts of the vehicle likely. If the holes in the mounting lower gas spring mounts are present, place the mounting bracket with nuts weld inside of 3 5/8 of an inch from the inside of the flange as flush with the top side of the door seal of the weather and then mark the three openings. Repeat for the other side and then drill six holes using CAL 13/64 drill bit.

Download: 2008-2009 Chrysler Companionvan RE installation of newer versions of the aid of the gas spring and service manual