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User manual telephone Avaya 2410 Digital

Phone users digital Avaya 2410 guide Avaya Inc., Dell provides a limited warranty for this product. Refer to the sales contract to establish the conditions of the limited warranty. In addition, Avaya in standard guarantees that language, as well as information about support for this product under warranty, keep the Avaya 2410 digital phones user guide for easy reference in the rest of this guide contains procedural information about how to use screens, functions and keys phone 2410. The table below directs you to the section explaining specific actions you can take.The home screen consists of two pages and displays: ? the appearance/function connections available buttons ? caller ID information ? ? ? softkeys current date and time information provided by Avaya call processing system usually use the main screen for the standard handler calls. Six calls to look/function buttons are displayed on each side of the main screen. See Figure 2. Call processing system provides information about the date and time. This information is displayed below the button appearance/function calls when the phone is idle.

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