Tuesday, January 31, 2012

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BMW E46 technical information about automatic transmission

E46 introduces new 5 speed automatic transmission produced by General Motors Powertrain division of Strasbourg, France. The transmission will be available as an option in both the 323i, 328i models as well as from the beginning of production. A5S 360R will also be available in the 528i 1999 (9/98 production). The A5S 360R provides the following features and benefits: The A5S 360R is an assessment of the maximum torque of 360Nm. designed and manufactured to ensure the operation of free life maintenance, progressively locking torque converter, providing a controlled degree of clutch slipping and a smooth transition to full lock. Transmission of the diagnostic improved because of the new diagnostic concept for the E46. Components made of aluminium alloys, the cases are lightweight. Pan, a single piece of butter is made from a sheet metal wall. It includes the Drain plug on the lower surface at the rear.