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BMW E39 Owners Manual

BMW E39 produced between 1995 and 2003, the new 5 series came in two forms: the 528i and 540i. 528I 1996 introduced a new M52 in-line six, which he shared with E36 328i, 540i V8 4.4 litre M62, jointly with the E38 740i. The two engines were upgraded over the prior 5 series generation. This guide for the owner of a BMW E39 contain basic information about the BMW E39 functions and how to safe driving.
Table of content:

-Management of area
-Instrument panel
-The indicator and warning light
-Warning triangle
-Fuels classes
-The tyre pressure
-Opening and closing
-Start engine
-Automatic transmission with Steptronic
-Windscreen wiper/rain sensor
-Cruise control
-Everything under control