Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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Vodafone 555 Facebook Phone Now On Sale

Facebook is without a doubt the most popular social network in the world with nearly a billion users. This is quite the feat considering the social network was founded under a decade ago and in the face of competition from then king of social networks MySpace.
Things have progressed nicely for Zuckerberg and co. since the founding of the behemoth. In fact, many mobile phone manufacturers have come forth with their own partnerships with Facebook to push out devices with dedicated Facebook buttons. Today such a phone has gone on sale across the pond known as the Vodafone 555. THis device featuers a 2.4-inch display 2- megapixel camera and, well, that’s about it. What’s great about this device, however, is that it costs just $102 with no contract whatosever. That and the fact that it has a dedicated Facebook button, of course.We only wonder, know that Google has purchased Motorola Mobility, will there be smartphones with dedicated Google+ buttons? Only time will tell.