Monday, December 12, 2011

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Samsung Galaxy Precedent User Manual PDF Download (English)

Many information in the Samsung Galaxy Precedent user manual. This user manual can help you for get information about instructions especially setting guide and learn all applications in the Samsung Galaxy Precedent. You can learn about setting up device, unlocking device screen, setting up voicemail, phone overview with explained features and key functions, learn about phone camera and external views, navigation and customization, home screen overview, using theapplications tab, 123 ABC mode, and creating a Google account.

For setting guide you can read about Wireless and networks settings, mobile networks settings, call settings, sound and display settings, language, location and security settings, Application Settings, using the task manager, Android Development information, Data Synchronization Settings,  synchronizing google account,  resetting phone and search settings.

For create and edit document read tutorial about using thinkfree office mobile, back up data tutorial, Updating Device Firmware, Updating Android Operating System, Updating Profile, etc. Then about MicroSD Card, troubleshooting USB connection, formating the microSD card, using camera, taking pictures tutorial, camera settings, recording video tutorial, camcoder settings guide, Using the Bluetooth Settings Menu, how to play music, using YouTube, using GPS and Google maps, and many more.

Download the Samsung Galaxy Precedent user manual here (English – PDF file size: 6.5 MB). Source: