Wednesday, December 28, 2011

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LG Optimus v cell phone Review – Another quality Optimus

We have quite a new mobile phone from Virgin Mobile everything in to extract today, and this is a very nice new smartphone with the name of the LG Optimus v. No Transformers here references simply with a mobile phone, which has Got a lot to offer.LG Optimus v is the style of PDA Smartphone running androida 2.2 which offers 3 G, Bluetooth and wi-fi connection, the touch screen controls, support for microSD card, USB port, microphone, conference call capability, Internet browser, text messaging and support for voice mail and e-mail, GPS, a variety of applications, Google, 3.2 megapixel camera, microphone and battery to make eleven hours of time on the single charge for calls.

This is quite impressive phone, really, though, the Optimus line seems to be so far-but since this is the prepaid phone and basic one at that, you will have several shortcomings here, such as the Middle Chamber, for one.

However, you will be easily pleased by the variety of applications, GPS, and the great battery life; seriously, eleven hours? This right up there with the most lives batteries, I have seen of a mobile phone. Good news for me!

The phone works very easily, and he also has some good prepaid plans are happening, so assistance is also this is a very nice starter phone, and if you've got kids, you may want to see this one a little closer, because you will have the flexibility that prepaid, packed in androida Smartphone.It is not perfect, by any stretch, but LG Optimus v will do a nice job to provide the basics and then some.