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Volkswagen automatic transmission design and function

Volkswagen 6 speed automatic transmission design and function of the book, the document covers everything for the 09 G/09 M with 6-speed automatic transmission, which is installed in the following vehicles: 2005 Jetta/Passat, new beetle, Passat, 2006, 2006. Introduction, selector lever: selector lever and operation selector lever design in 2004, golf, design of the gear selector 2004 Eurovan, removing the ignition key lock in 2004 Golf, locking the ignition key removal in 2004 Eurovan. Transmission, section 09G, section 09G automatic transmission-scheme, planetary gear/reposition elements, torque converter, torque converter Lock-Up clutch, ATF supply/lubrication, section-transmission Park lock transmission, hydraulic control, torque-flow. System overview, example: 2004 Golf. J217 module (Presura) transmission control, dynamic displacement program DSP, sports mode "S" mode of operation of the emergency,
Towing Starter Interlock, back light, sensors, actuators, valves, electrical solenoidnoupravlâemite control valves and pressure, 2004 Golf functional chart, 2004 EuroVan functional chart, 2004 Golf can Databus links. Self-testing, diagnosis. The Service. Special tools. Dictionary.

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