Thursday, October 13, 2011

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Guidance for the replacement of the bulb and VW new beetle front

High and low beam bulbs are H1 bulbs. This information can be found in the owner's manual or the Bentley manual for the new beetle. Do not depend on the auto parts store catalog or how suppliers can tell you something different. When you are old bulb, it must have the "H1" stamped on the metallic basis or etched on the glass. Low beams it is 55 watts, and the driving beam is 60 watts. Before trying to remove the front frames, check for blown fuse, first because they are fused circles of the design of these cars. Fuse is located on the regular fuse panel inside the car, on the left side of the instrument panel behind the removable cover. Open the lid. Locate the seam between the nosepiece and the front fender (both sides). Go to between the first two fender mounting bolts and appearance, several inches. See knob a small sticking? This is the release lever Assembly. Push it slightly and pull all the way up, as far as the lever will pass. Once you have a front, the connector outside of the back of the hull shall be withdrawn and the front somewhere is easy to work with. Paste or something soft cushion so you don't risk scratching the glass.

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