Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Brake light switch Volswagen Vortex DIY installation guide

The following procedure shall apply for the last 4-PIN brake light switches with the following part # 1J0 s 945 511 b 1J0 945 511 C and 1J0 945 511 D (the latest version-if you buy a new key, almost certainly is "version, as it supercedes all previous versions). If you have an older style of brake light switch with part # 1J0 945 511 (A), then the special installation procedure does not apply. See the procedure given at the end of this DIY installation of that key. Introduction, installation key: before you try to install new brake light switch, first make sure the key is in the unlocked position (as described above), and plunger fully extended (approximately 1 in). Bracket that holds the brake light is indicated by a yellow arrow in the picture below. Note that the hole in the bracket is not symmetrical and as a result, the key can only be inserted one way. Push down the brake pedal as it will go. If it does not go sufficiently, start the car to loosen the brake pedal and then turn off the car. As always, this procedure at your own risk. I am not responsible for any errors in the above procedure or those who make it run.

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