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2003 Mud Buddy Marine Engine Owners Manual

2003 Mud Buddy Marine Engine Owners Manual. Thank you for purchasing the most advanced mud motor in the world. Assembly – Read the instructions inside before installing your motor. Check the crate and engine for damage. Call Mud Buddy and the shipping company immediately if you find any damage or missing items. Notice: Engine is shipped without oil. Fill before starting. Check oil with engine in level position. Use a good grade of SAE 10W-30 oil.Your engine is equipped with a mercury safety switch which prevents the engine from being started unless the propeller is raised and out of the water. Kawasaki 29 EFI Notice: Fuel injection system. Massage School Old Bridge NJ . When new or when in storage for an extended period, bleed the fuel line of air. Remove the fuel line above the fuel filter, turn the key on and pump out 1/4 cup of fuel into a suitable container. Reassemble. The fuel filter may have a little air inside, this is okay. If you run out of fuel the above procedure must be repeated. The engine frame is designed so that the tailshaft rotates counterclockwise into the boat and clockwise back out. If your boat is too high on the corners, you can add one to three 3/4? fender washers between the engine mount swivel and boat mount on the swivel pin. Each washer added will increase the height of the tailshaft by aprox. ½â?. video deposition birmingham alabama . Again, keep your fingers clear when lowering the engine on the boat mount. When trailering, it is recommended you rotate the tailshaft inside and tie it down securely with a strap. Rubber bungee can also be used, but a good rope or strap should also be used. The rubber can dry rot, and then easily break. Place a piece of plywood on the floor to keep the skeg from damaging your boat. On some boat models, the drive tube will actually ride on the edge of the rear bench seat. Place a piece of carpet or rubber between the seat and drive tube while trailering.

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