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dive called X-scooter series user manual

Dive called X-scooter series user's Guide. Series dive called X-Scooter is a wide range of towing a diver for the movement of vehicles designed for improving the diver underwater experience. This user guide is not tutorial and should not be substituted for the proper course. This diver personal responsibility to have proper training in the use of X-scooter and immerse yourself in the limits of their training, experience, and X-scooter limits, as described in the specification. Considered models: long body Sierra Std body Sierra Sierra CSI Cuda 550 Cuda 850. After receiving your x scooter and before the first dive to the following procedure. Later in the guide you can find information about a task every X-Scooter is tested before it leaves the factory, but you should verify the integrity of the hard water after the transport and delivery. This must be done before your first dive. Test method: 1) to join the body and tail without battery installation. (Put a bunch of paper towels inside to detect possible leaks) 2) submerged in shallow fresh water (5 -10 '/2-3 m) for 10 minutes 3) delete and check the Hull and paper towels signs of leakage. Contact your dealer or dive called Inc., if there is a problem. Scooter is slightly positive balance for open water, neutral in the cave.
Finishing flat and level. Use the table of weights from the right as a starting point. 1) fill in Velcro finishing bags of lead shot. 2) select weight bags Velcro pads in the nose and tail. Commentary Of The Bible. 3) select battery and other accessories. 4) attach the body and tail. – Include all shutter clicks. X-5) flood the scooter and balance and trim. NJ East Brunswick School of massage. 6), add or remove a small amount of lead shot if necessary.

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