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1997-2000 Honda CR-V Service Manual

Things discussed inside these publications are including the roof molding, front grille, tailgate spoiler, wipers/washers, identification number locations, lift and support points, chassis and engine numbers, warning/caution label locations, SRS warning/caution label locations, towing, preparation of work, safety stands, lubrication points, design specifications, standards and service limits, body specifications, maintenance schedule, special tools, installation, Variable valve timing and valve lift electronic control, engine removal/installation, VTEC, valve clearance, timing belt installation removal and replacement, rocker arms, cylinder head, rocker shaft collars, valves, valve springs, valve seals, camshaft, lost motion assemblies, valve guides, valve seats, flywheel and drive plate, connecting rod and crankshaft, main bearings, illustrated index, connecting rod bearings, cylinder block, pistons, piston pins, piston rings, crankshaft oil seal, engine oil, oil filter, intake manifold, oil pump, oil pressure, exhaust manifold, radiator, exhaust pipe and muffler, water pump, engine coolant temperature, thermostat, electrical connections, vacuum connections, component locations, self diagnostic procedures, PGM-FI system, engine control module, oxygen sensor, intake air temperature sensor, throttle position sensor, ignition output signal, vehicle speed sensor, idle control system,For more details about the service manual of Honda CR-V model year 1997-2000, download the document from the following source (downloads.hondatech.info) :